…are the guardians of Trinity’s historical documents.

At the founding meeting on 19 June 1996, following main tasks were identified:

  • to promote the understanding of the history of the parish of Trinity Church members and broader community.
  • a forum for information and exchange of ideas on the subject of church and congregational history
  • To collect and catalog documents of any kind of congregational history,
  • to set up and maintain an archive
  • to open the archives to history researchers.

The modus operandi of the history association:

  • members meet regularly to report on existing and planning future projects
  • undertakes research and related tasks
  • appoint from among their members a manager and a deputy manager of the archives
  • Search and maintain contact with related groups and institutions
  • visit training courses, etc.
  • plan and organize the “Kirchweihfest”
  • prepare the publication of historical material.

Contact via email: admin@kirche.org.au