Pastoral care

At major mile stones of the your life, it is good to get support through the congregation. Especially people who newly arrived in Melbourne, look to meet new people, a good opportunity is the “Kirchenkaffee” on Sunday after the church service at 11.00 am , or in a more private setting with the pastor.

Pastoral care can be very different depending on the topic and person. I just listen, ask further questions, I pray with the people. If it is desired, I listen to the confession. Of course, I visit sick people and also offer the holy communion at peoples’ homes for those who can no longer come to the Church. As a pastor I’m here for the people – if necessary – immediately.

You can contact me in urgent cases under 0493 537 316

Your Pastor Kim Kiessling (


In baptism, we entrust our children to God and know that he takes care of them from the beginning. That’s why most people are baptized as infants. Those that have not been baptized as children, can still be baptized at time of confirmation or as an adult.

Regarding baptism of children, we require that the parents are members of the congregation. Godparents must be at least of confirmation age and belong to a church.

Baptism is celebrated within our worship service, because it shows us that we belong to Jesus through the baptism. We do not offer specific baptism services, though baptisms can be celebrated nearly every Sunday, there are only few exceptions.

Parents can choose a baptism verse from the Bible and a baptism song. For all questions regarding baptism, please contact  Pastor Kim Kiessling

For a selection of baptism verses, go to


We confirm our youth at the age of 13-14 years. The confirmation confirms the Christian faith, which has been begun at the time of baptism. The congregation confirms to be there for the confirmees, and to value their contribution. To prepare for your confirmation, confirmees participate in monthly lessons after the service – usually in German.

The confirmees also take part in the annual congregational and confirmation camp and get to know the congregation through participation in congregational festivals and other events. The lessons starts in June every year. If you are interested in registering your child, please contact Pastor Kim Kiessling.

Marriage ceremonies

At a church wedding, we ask God for his blessings for the bride and groom and their future path. Our church in the heart of Melbourne offers a wonderful setting for the most beautiful day in your life. To visit our church, please contact our office. Non-members can hire our church for a fee, if they are members of the Lutheran Church of Australia and a pastor of this church conducts the ceremony.

I am always happy to assist you, if you have any questions. As a prelude and preparation refer to the internet:

Memorial Services and Burials

Our life comes from God and returns to him. Jesus Christ “who has destroyed death and has brought life and immortality to light through the gospel.” (2 Tim. 1.10)

With this hope we can say goodbye to our loved ones within a funeral, which will be coordinated with your funeral director. This service is free of charge for members of the congregation. We ask for a donation for our congregational life.

You are also welcome to rent our church hall to get together with family and friends to share the grief after the memorial service. For all questions arising regarding a funeral service, please contact me as soon as possible. Pastor Kim Kiessling