Soli Deo Gloria
(lat. “Glory to God alone”) -one of the five principles of the Reformation. Composers such as J.S. Bach and G.F Handel signed most of their works with this signature.
Music has always played a significant role in the life of the German Lutheran Trinity Congregation. Concerts for the wider community have been a regular feature since the early days as a historic ticket from a ‘Sacred Concert’ in 1879 testimonies.

German, Lutheran Church Music is unique in the world. Therefore it should play an even greater role in our congregational and community life in Melbourne. As a German-speaking Lutheran congregation with our historic buildings in a very central location, we have the ideal conditions to implement this. For this purpose we want to develop a concept that gives greater importance to church music in our congregation and secures it in the long run.
The Elders Committee invites both the congregation and the German community in Melbourne to make proposals and to discuss ideas.