Christmas at church with Carol-singing in the church yard


24/12  Lutheran Trinity Church at Parliament Place, East Melbourne

Nativity Play to Go at 2.00pm, 2.30pm, 3.00pm and 3.30pm

Christmas Vesper and Carol Singing in the church yard at 6pm (with vaccination status), entry at 5pm

Christmas Vesper and Carol Singing in the church yard at 7.30pm (without vaccination status), entry at 7pm

We have decided not to sing inside the church for safety reasons. Inside the church we will listen to the Christmas story. We will have time to reflect the message in silence. After 30 minutes we will move outside into the church yard. There we will all join to sing our favourite Christmas songs. This is the safest option. We can all see the growing changes in NSW and don’t want to fuel transmission here, especially not in our church. Thank you for your understanding.

Advice: If you arrive early, you will have a good chance to take Christmas photos of your family in front of our beautiful Christmas tree. There will also be time to take photos after our reflection. Please be advised that parking inside the yard is only available for people with disabilities.

The next service in the city will be on the 26th of December at 11am. (no vaccination status required; no service on 25/12) On the 26th we also celebrate in front of our tree inside the church followed by singing of Christmas carols in the church yard. We will finish with a Bratwurst and a beer to satisfy our tummies.