Warm welcome to our German Family service this Sunday at 11 a.m. with our parish worker Yasmina Buhre: What is precious?

Dear all, 
There are Scam SMS – Mail – Messages, written in my name, wanting to have support.
Please just delete them or even announce them to the police.
I am NOT asking for support !
Pastorin Kim Kiessling
German Lutheran Trinity Church East Melbourne

Our playgroup meets again next Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. for the second last time this term. This time it’s all about stones. You are cordially invited to come and participate. More information about our playgroup at pw@kirche.org.au (Yasmina)

Neuer Kammerchor Berlin 1 copyright: Simon Hertling
A cappella concert with the Neuer Kammerchor Berlin
By invitation of the Honorary Consulate-General of Germany, the award-winning Neuer
Kammerchor Berlin will give a guest performance at the German Lutheran Trinity Church.
Conducted by Adrian Emans, the award-winning choir will present works by well-known
German composers in particular – from Heinrich Schütz’s playful Baroque and Josef
Rheinberger’s magnificent Romanticism to the sacred modernism found in Wolfram
Buchenberg’s work. This music will be set in dialogue with works by other internationally
renowned composers, including the Australian composer Paul Stanhope.
The result is a rich a cappella programme performed by an outstanding ensemble: The Neue
Kammerchor Berlin, founded in 2016, has already won several awards, including the Grand
Prix at the 2019 Venice International Choir Competition and two first prizes at the 2022
German Choir Festival.
The Neuer Kammerchor Berlin’s Australia tour was made possible with financial support
from the Goethe Institute.
Concert dates: Sunday, 8 October 2023, 4pm, German Lutheran Trinity Church