Cordial invitation to the service this Sunday at 11 a.m. with lay preacher Jörg Hildebrand.
There will be no Sunday school this week, as Pastor Kim Kiessling and parish worker Yasmina Buhre are attending the confirmation camp.

Parish worker Yasmina Buhre invites you to playgroup next week Thursday 24/8 from 10-12 a.m. As always, the meeting point is our outdoor area, around the lemon tree or in the kigo room.

On Friday evening August 25th there will finally be our “Teenclub” for all children from 10-12 years. This time we have planned something very special: We want to look at the exhibition “Connection” together at If your children, or yourself want to come along with your children, please contact me (Yasmina) at for more information.
And on Saturday 9/9 there is another appointment to make a note of: The “Connect Group” meets for the first time. Members from “Young Germans” are welcome, but also new faces who are new to Melbourne or who have been living in Melbourne for a long time and want to get to know new people. This time we want to have a really clichéd coffee gossip. What you should bring: Good mood (!) and something typically German for the coffee table. For more information, please contact Yasmina at or on 0493 609 787!
Would you like to join our camp? Then please register now, as we have almost reached our participant limit.
Registration at: