Warm Welcome to our German Service this Sunday with Jorg Hildebrand. Parallel to the German Service we will have our usual German Sunday School.

Manse Water Damage

it is likely known to many that there was extensive water damage in the manse earlier this week, which makes the house and the adjoining flat uninhabitable. A small cause (a burst hose under a sink) with a very large impact.

At the time of writing, damage-limiting measures have been initiated, the cause has been rectified and drying equipment has been set up. Of course, the insurance company is involved, and the further procedure (precise determination of the extent of the damage, procedure for restoration, temporary accommodation) is currently being worked out.

The priority is, of course, that the pastor family and the tenant of the flat receive adequate accommodation until the building is restored, i.e. for the next few months.
With the support of many volunteers, the team in the office worked to initiate measures to limit the damage to property, minimize the impairments for everyone involved and also keep the financial damage as low as possible.

The frustration is great and understandable. The homes of four people are uninhabitable, the offices are also affected. Fortunately, there is a lot of support from the community. ‘First Responders’ have contained the damage and already got many things underway. It is understandable that the anger is being vented, but it should not hide the fact that a lot is being done. Many thanks to the team in the office and the volunteers. Also, it should be seen for what it is: the failure of a hose, no more, no less.

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The playgroup is back from the winter break and as lively as always:
Next Thursday 20/7 from 10-12 everything revolves around the topic “This is mine!” As always, there is a story to listen to, participate in and of course a handicraft!
Welcome to stop by!

Unfortunately, the “Connect Meeting” this Sunday has to be cancelled, a new date for August is already being sought!

On July 29th and 30th our church doors will be open again. We thank the archives for organizing and planning this campaign. At the City of Melbourne’s Open House, the city’s monuments are open to visitors for two days. More information here:
German Lutheran Trinity Church | Open House Melbourne

A self-guided tour is available at our church. Visitors can tour our beautiful church and learn about the history of our church during this time.
We are still urgently looking for volunteers to welcome visitors to the church and church hall, especially on Saturday 29th July! Please contact Ann-Kristin redaktion@kirche.org.au.

Church doors are open for Open House Melbourne on:
Saturday 29 July from 10am to 4pm
Sunday 30 July from 1-4pm

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Please save Saturday, July 29th! That’s when our Christmas in July Market takes place! We hope you can drop by, maybe you are interested in buying handmade Christmas decorations, eating a waffle or drinking a mulled wine? Then come over, we hope to see you.