This Sunday we cordially invite you to the reading service with Alexander Karnowski.
Please note that Sunday school has a summer break in January.
Aboriginal Sunday/Day of Mourning on 21 January
On January 26 1938, Aboriginal leaders met for a Day of Mourning, seeking equality and full citizenship (though that would not happen for another 30 years, as an outcome of the 1967 Referendum). The Australian Churches were then asked to set aside the Sunday before January 26 as Aboriginal Sunday (previously called Aborigines’ Day), a day for Christians to act in solidarity with Aboriginal peoples and the injustices being experienced.
Rev Sandy Boyce (Executive Officer, Victorian Council of Churches) will lead the service on January 21st, which will include reference to Aboriginal Sunday and the work of Aboriginal Christian leaders like William Cooper.
Office opening hours
If you are having trouble reaching us by phone at the moment, we apologize. The office had to move temporarily due to the renovation work in the manse. It is best to contact us by email admin@kirche.org.au by the end of January.

From 1st to 21st January Pastor Kim Kiessling is on vacation. Pastoral care representation during this time takes on:
Fr Michael Bowie
Vicar, St Peter’s Eastern Hill
0432 072 213
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So 28.01. 10:00 Gottesdienst Letzter So. nach Epiphanias
Do 01.02 13 Uhr Karnevalsfeier der Senioren
Sa 3.02 10 Uhr Johannesbaeren – findet nur statt, wenn wir Anmeldungen haben
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