A warm invitation to the family service at the start of school this Sunday.
To look forward to : The first Sunday school for 2024 will be on Sunday, February 11th at 11 a.m.! Topic: “I’m here!”
Speaking of making a note: We are taking big steps into Lent. This year I would like to accompany you via WhatsApp for 7 weeks. Inspired by the fasting campaign of the Protestant Church in Germany “7 Weeks Without”, you will receive a new impulse every week for 7 weeks. Exchange in the group is expressly desired. By the way, the theme of the 2024 fasting campaign is “Come over here! Seven weeks without going it alone.”
Interested in joining?
Then feel free to send me, Yasmina, a WhatsApp on: 0493 609 787 or click directly on the following link https://chat.whatsapp.com/Jh7kRiwfzbTDdEp3XoDDU5

Working Bee
We urgently need helping hands! So if you have time to lend a hand on Saturday, we will have lunch together

A warm invitation to our German play group on February 8th from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.: This time it will be twice as heartfelt, because we will take a close look at our annual motto “Everything you do should be done in love.” We get help from the beautiful picture book “Do you know where love lives?” As always, the meeting point is in our children’s area at the church.
We are very happy to welcome new families.
Further information or questions please email pw@kirche.org.au.
Kids karneval
Events at St John’s
Su 11.02. 10:00 Service
Su 18.02. 10:00 Gottesdienst
Wed 21.02. 19.30 Time to Worship – Dann Pause bis Mai
Su 25.02. 10:00 Gottesdienst