The congregational camp is fast approaching and we ask everyone to register as soon as possible. This time we are going to Phillip Island from 15-17 September. The camp is called Phillip Island Adventure Resort:
This year we want to offer workshops  to strengthen our congregation: Would you like to lead a Bible study or ponder a theological topic with like-minded people? Would you like to be with others while crafting for the Christmas market? Are you interested in modern church music with the members of the band? And there is also a bibliodrama  😀
We are looking for volunteers who offer a workshop (work unit at least 90 minutes) at the camp. Please contact me what you would like to offer, tell me the title and length of the workshop and very important: register f! We look forward to hearing from you.
Workshops can also be conducted in English.


This year’s camp fees are as follows:

Adults: $210
Children 3-15 years: $50 (subsidized by the municipality)

We want to make our camp as affordable as possible that as many people as possible can attend. A request: If you have something left over this year, please just transfer a few dollars more for the camp. And if you are currently a bit short on cash, contact us and we will consider together how we can  support you to participate. We also appreciate donations to support our  camp.
Registrations via this form: